Margaret Fuller & Caroline Sturgis—1841

After “Soul Sisters and the Sister Arts” by Kathleen Lawrence

My dear Cary, we should leave taxing family life
to share poetry & art for two weeks in Paradise
Cove where we can live our open secret—wife & wife—
on moonlit beaches in savage dishabille. Let me entice

you, sandy & spent, to collapse on our bed
with my bosom the pillow for your perfect head.
I promise when we wake with stirrings
we will soothe & still each one—our turns recurring.

Nothing rivals our sisterhood in the land of souls & respect.
Before you, I was unaware of my capacities—too wounded & tender.
Your care & intellect sparked the greatest permanent effect:
new sights—freer air & less encumbered fields for our gender.

My tide shifted in the light of your waxing moon
to wet all these women sitting before me in one room.

About the Author

Raina K. Puels is currently pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction at Emerson College


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